I’m Tanushka Marah and I’m running a grassroots election campaign as an Independent.

I’m offering a voice against cuts, privatisation and the funding of wars which both Tory and Labour parties support.

What I stand for – principles and policies

I stand for: 

  • A Free Palestine and an End to Funding for Wars Both main parties, Conservative and Labour, refuse to back sanctions and stop selling UK arms to Israel during its genocide in Gaza. The UK’s involvement in Middle East wars, and ever rising military spending, is not making us safer. We need a new foreign policy based on peace and justice.
  • Taxing The Rich to Save Our Public Services  The NHS is being sold off by the Conservatives, and Labour supports this disastrous policy which has caused the worst ever crisis in our healthcare system. We need to end privatisation, end corporate tax avoidance, and restore pay levels for all our public sector workers. 
  • Housing for Everyone  Many in Brighton are paying more in rent or mortgages than they can afford. I stand for secure, affordable council homes, taxes on empty homes, caps on holiday lets, and rent controls. 
  • Climate Action  We must redirect money away from polluting activities and into public services and action on the climate emergency. We must save our rivers from greedy water companies and renationalise Southern Water.
  • Real Pay Rise For All We are living through a cost of greed crisis. I stand for a repeal of all Tory anti-strike laws, for a £15 minimum wage, repealing hire and fire laws, and workers’ rights from day one of contract.

These common sense policies are supported by the majority of British people but are rejected by the corporate parties.

The details of our policies are alive and growing, we want to hear YOUR VOICE on how we can campaign for a fairer country. Please come to our community gatherings where we can build this movement from the ground up. 

Please help us raise funds for this campaign so we can reach as many people as possible in Hove and Portslade. We are a grassroots funded campaign

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